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Instructions for Look-Up Tool


Use the search box below to look up the processing status of the study that you have previously submitted.  Please note that the search must be an exact match to the ethics ID that you have inputted into the original submission.


PRADDA = This status is related to the Data Disclosure Agreeement (DDA).  If a DDA is required, the review process is not initiated until the DDA is received.  If your status indicates that the HSA team is waiting for you to send the signed agreement to us, please complete the template and submit it into

PRAStatus = This status is related to where in the processing queue your study is currently.  If we are awaiting ethics, the studies do not enter the review queue until ethics has been received (with the exception of Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials). 

The processing order is:

  1. Submitted for Review
  2. EDGE Record Complete
  3. Triaged
  4. Advisor Review In-Progress
  5. Advisor Review Complete

If you have additional questions, please contact


expand PRAStatus : Triaged ‎(83)
expand PRAStatus : Submitted for Review ‎(140)
expand PRAStatus : EDGE Record Complete ‎(51)
expand PRAStatus : Awaiting Ethics ‎(42)
expand PRAStatus : Advisor Review In-Progress ‎(108)
expand PRAStatus : Advisor Review Completed ‎(2775)