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Provincial Health System Access

Provincial Health System Access

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Supporting Access to Alberta Health Services Resources for Research Purposes


​​COVID-19 Updates for Researchers


AHS Guidance for Researchers - updated October 22, 2021

- AHS Research Relaunch Readiness - information is being updated in real-time, if you do not see your clinic listed, please submit the clinic name to

- Cross Cancer Institute-FAQ for Study Sponsors - updated March 19, 2020

- Tom Baker Cancer Centre-FAQ for Study Sponsors - updated March 19, 2020


​Other Related COVID-19 Updates for Researchers

AHS Health System Access (previously known as "Provincial Research Adminstration") supports the administration of clinical research studies (post-ethics approval) requiring access to AHS' provincial data or network resources, administrative departments and/or operational areas.  If you have any questions, please contact a member of our team:  HSA Contacts

Note:  The Northern Alberta Clinical Trials Research Centre (NACTRC) provides research administration for AHS studies restricted to the Edmonton zone. The Covenant Health Research Centre provides research administration for studies conducted in Covenant Health facilities.

Resources for Researchers & Research Staff

Requesting AHS Resources

Click here for an overview the Administrative Approval Pathway

​If you have a REB-approved study that requires the use of AHS health information, data systems, access to operational areas and/or purchased services departments, please submit your request via this HSA Questionnaire form.

To view the processing status of your submitted request, visit the HSA Processing Status look up page.

​​IT Access for Research Purposes

​​Request AHS IT Access for Research Purposes

Getting Started with Connect Care for Research (a list of contacts and resources available to help you)

​Patient Recruitment​Patient Recruitment at AHS - information to help researchers understand AHS research recruitment best practices
Research Ethics Resources​

Submitting to a research ethics board (REB)

Is my project considered research? [ARECCI tool]

Data Access

Enterprise Data Catalogue - this is a catalogue of AHS data sources (clinical and administrative data) within AHS that may be accessed to support clinical research studies.

Requesting and Transferring AHS Data - information about requirements for disclosing/transferring AHS Health Infomation/Data to another entity.

REDCap in Alberta - contact information for researchers interested in using REDCap as their electronic data capture tool for clinical research.

​Operational Approval

Requesting Operational Approval

List of AHS Operational Areas and Assessors (AHS OA Matrix) by zone.

​Purchased Services

​Purchased Services departments are the services that support research by operating on a fee-for-service basis. These departments typically have an established price list for their services and require arrangements to be made ahead of study initiation and documented with a mutually agreed "Service Quotation" or "Purchased Services Agreement" signed by the researcher and the service department.

List of purchased services at AHS

Training & Regulatory Resources

Access to N2 SOPs Standard Operationg Procedures (SOP) for Clinical Trials to support Health Canada compliance.  N2 SOP Table of Contents.

CITI Training : Online training in best practice, applicable guidelines and legislation related to health research.

Training Recommendations Recommended courses by type of health research and regulatory requirements.

The Alberta Clinical Research Consortium provides guidance resources and a research concierge service to assist with setting up and conducting a health research study in Alberta.

Research Finance ​

Setting up a Research Account

Submitting Manual Payment Requisition for Research Invoices

AHS Finance FAQ for NACTRC Researchers

Research Contracts​Research Contract Administration at AHS [in development]

Connect Care Resources

Getting Ready for Connect CareCC Research_Research Coordinator Checklist
CC Research_Clinical Department and Service Area Tip Sheet
Connect Care FAQs
DayInTheLife_Research Coordinator_Poster
CC Readiness_Team Survey

CC_Research Update_28Sep2020
Link to Clinical Inquiry Newsletter

ToolsResearch Support Team_Aug2020
Training Resources

CC Research_External Study Monitor_Access Instructions
CC Research_External Study Monitor_Access Tutorial
CC Research_External Study Monitor_Access Troubleshooting
CC Research Training Requirements and Sequencing
CC_Research_Assumptions for Launch_Sep2020
Provider Workflow - Signing Pended Orders
Super User Infographic_May2019

Templates and DocumentsLetter to Sponsors_Provider Portal and External Study Monitors
Norms – Charting Etiquette for Research
Letter to Sponsors_- AHS Calibration
Ordering Research Labs - Guidance
Documenting Patient Interest to Participate- Guidance
Orders Only Encounters and Pre-Charting - Guidance
Generic Investigational Med Records - Guidance
Letter to Sponsors - Connect Care System Overview
Timelines & Milestones​CC Implementation Timeline
Presentations & Videos

CC Research Webinar_Launch 4 Research Conversion Part 2_21Mar2022
CC Research Webinar_Launch 4 Research Conversion Part 1_07Mar2022
CC Research Webinar_Day in the Life of a Research Coordinator_14Feb2022
CC Research Webinar_Day in the Life of a Principal Investigator_28Feb2022
CC_Research Webinar_Introduction of Research in Connect Care_17Jan2022
CC Research Webinar_Super User Identification_15Mar2021
CC Research Webinar_Reporting Navigation & Functionality_20Jul2020
CC Research Overview_Webinar_15Jun2020
CC Research_Research Functionalities & Updates_19May2020

CC Research_COVID-19 Research Webinar_20Apr2020
Recording: CC Research_Cogito Overview_18Feb2020


​Email with any questions you may have about Connect Care Research. 

​Resources to Support AHS Operational Areas

Data Access​​Research Data Catalogue

Best Practices for Research Data Disclosures - Information for Repositories to assist with releasing AHS data for research purposes

Operational Approval: Resources for Clinical AreasInformation about Purchased Services (ie. DI Pharmacy, Lab Services, HIM)

Providing Operational Approval - information for operational approvers and site managers when researchers request access to your site

IT Access for Research PurposesRequest AHS IT Access for Research Purposes
Training & Regulatory ResourcesAccess to N2 SOPs Standard Operationg Procedures (SOP) for Clinical Trials to support Health Canada compliance.  N2 SOP Table of Contents.

CITI Training : Online training in best practice, applicable guidelines and legislation related to health research.

Training Recommendations Recommended courses by type of health research and regulatory requirements

News & Announcements

For the latest news and announcements related to AHS

Provincial Research Administration, please click here.